Rural Charm: Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Rustic

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Rural Charm: Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Rustic

Who doesn’t love a comforting kitchen? The welcoming space is a gathering spot for friends, family, and other guests. If you want to have an inviting area to host, consider creating a rustic-style kitchen. Add rural charm to your home with this simple guide on how to make your kitchen look rustic.

Use Reclaimed Wood on the Ceiling

In a rustic-style kitchen, the more textural layers, the better. You can start with a reclaimed wood ceiling. Reclaimed boards offer a rugged element that counters smooth materials such as marble or glass. The wood also adds color and detail to your kitchen, showcasing an authentic rural aesthetic.

Choose Muted Shades for Backsplashes

Backsplashes add color and texture to kitchens. However, you want something that complements rustic and organic styles. Luckily, muted shades such as olive green and cream white are beautiful backsplash colors. Both colors contrast with wooden hardware and marble counters. They also look great next to stone, wood, and vintage metallics. Other muted shades worth considering include:

  • Sage
  • Charcoal
  • Beige
  • Mustard
  • Navy
  • Teal

Add Pops of Color in Appliances

Although muted shades are popular in rustic-style kitchens, pops of color can elevate the room. Create a focal point with a colorful stove, microwave, or other appliance. You can choose shades such as burnt orange, cherry red, or mint green to create a playful yet welcoming atmosphere. For additional color, consider bright dishware or utensils! Either way, you’ll bring visual and physical warmth to the kitchen.

Use Open Shelving

Create a welcoming space with open shelving. Place antiques, glass jars, dishware, and other things on the fixture. Displaying raw or organic items adds to the rustic charm of homes. With open shelving, you can install floating fixtures to utilize vertical space.

You should also consider crafting shelves for an additional homemade, vintage appeal. With this idea, you’ll need woodworking tools such as track saws to cut wood. Note that you will want to add a guide rail square to your track saw for precision cuts. This way, you can make even fixtures without losing grip of the wood and craft furniture that gives your kitchen a homemade yet professional look.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials can make your kitchen look rustic. Besides wood, stone and brick can add texture and warmth to kitchens. For instance, an exposed brick wall has a rural and modern edge that enhances the room. You can also incorporate natural textiles such as linen placemats, wool area rugs, and hemp cloths with other forms of décor.

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