Items You Forgot To Include in Your Guest Room

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Items You Forgot To Include in Your Guest Room

When creating the perfect guest room, it’s easy to nail the important things: a cozy bed, fresh linens, and a stack of fluffy pillows that practically scream, “Sleep here!” But what truly makes the bedroom feel more welcoming are the smaller details that elevate a good guest experience to a stellar one. Sure, your guests won’t gripe about the missing mint on their pillow, but a few nifty add-ons might just escape your mind—until now. Find out what items you forgot to include in your guest room that will prevent guests from needing to purchase after arriving.

Spare Phone Charger

A dead phone battery can spark a real crisis in today’s connected world. Be the hero your guests didn’t know they needed by placing a spare universal phone charger in the room. It’s a simple gesture that screams, “I thought of everything!”

First Aid Kit and Medical Essentials

Safety first, folks! While we hope every stay goes off without a hiccup, life loves a good curveball. Tucking away a first aid kit and medical essentials ensures that a minor scrape or headache won’t turn into a late-night pharmacy run. From band-aids to antiseptic wipes, show your guests you care about their well-being.

Fluffy Towels

Nothing warmly welcomes guests quite like a soft, freshly laundered towel set. It’s the kind of comfort that makes a guest feel at home, plus it’s straightforward hospitality. Provide extra hand and face towels for those just-in-case moments.

Gender-Specific Toiletry Items

We’re all about inclusivity, but sometimes, personal care can be, well, personal. Stock your guest bathroom with items like razors, sanitary products, and some soothing aftershave to cover all your bases. Trust us; it’ll save your guests a potentially awkward ask.

Table Lamp

Sure, overhead lighting is great, but nothing ruins a cozy, book-in-bed vibe like the main lights glaring down. A stylish table lamp provides the ideal ambience for reading or phone scrolling. Plus, a smaller light is much less disruptive if they stumble in late.

Extra Outlets

Ah, the modern struggle for outlet space. Power sources are prime real estate between laptops, tablets, cameras, and other gadgets. Be convenient and give guests a power strip or extra outlets to plug in all their devices. Your guests will appreciate not having to choose between charging their phone or their camera.

By now, you’re envisioning your guest room with new eyes, aren’t you? It’s a sanctuary for weary travelers, a haven for loved ones. Remember, it’s these forgotten guest room items that transform a stay from satisfactory to absolutely memorable. Go on, stock that first aid kit, fluff those extra towels, and watch your guests revel in the thoughtful touches to truly ensure a joyful hosting experience!

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