4 Tips for Preparing a Proper Guest Room

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4 Tips for Preparing a Proper Guest Room

Whether it’s for the holidays or another big event, offering your home as a place for friends and family to crash is a grand and gracious gesture. But if you don’t already have a space prepared, how do you go about setting up a bedroom so that they don’t have to sleep on a couch? Here are four tips for preparing a proper guest room.

Consider Different Spaces To Convert

If you have an extra room—whether it’s a home office, finished basement, attic, or similar largely unused space—all the better. You can convert any room into a makeshift bedroom with a bed, a bureau, and an end table. If you lack an extra space, consider picking up a few standing screens or setting up a curtain to divide a larger room into two medium ones. If the visit is short term, guests can have a measure of privacy without throwing too much difficulty and turmoil into the mix.

Think of It Like a Hotel Room!

A guest room needs to be a scaled-down version of the person’s home. Therefore, beyond the rudimentary elements of a bed, table, and bureau, you should provide soap, towels, toiletries, and other comforts in a basket or other receptacle in their room. Predict what they’ll need by thinking about what you would need for a trip. The main goal is to arrange it so that they don’t feel uncomfortable asking for anything.

Provide a Comfortable Sleeping Area

When it comes to a bed, you might not want to sacrifice the space the rest of the time guests aren’t visiting. Sofa beds and futons are terrific for guests, of course. They provide comfortable seating after you fold them back up and won’t get in the way. A guest room can become a TV room or other type of space when you don’t have guests. Regardless of the type of guest bed you get, you should invest in comfy sheets and blankets and keep them handy.

Provide the Wonders of Wi-Fi

Here’s the last of our four tips for preparing a proper guest room. Don’t forget that guests need the internet too! Provide a sheet in their room detailing the ID and password for the Wi-Fi. Inevitably, they’ll ask for it, so save everyone a step by posting it in a prominent place!

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