Your Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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Summer has finally arrived. The kids can put away their schoolbooks, and parents can spend more time with them. When they’re not at the pool or making s’mores, they can do chores together. Here’s your ultimate summer home maintenance checklist that you and the family can do together.

Check Your Cooling System

The best way to beat the summer heat is by turning on the air conditioner. You should run the cooling system in your house now to ensure that it works. The last thing you want is to be melting on the fourth of July because you didn’t investigate the system soon enough. Be sure to call a professional if things aren’t working out so that you aren’t melting on a hot day.

Check Out the Foundation

You should know about some common foundation issues that arise during the summer. For instance, when it rains too much, your soil can expand, causing the foundation of your house to sink in. When this happens, you may experience problems opening and closing your doorways. The best thing you can do is have a professional come out to look at things periodically, so nothing sinks inward.

Dust Ceiling Fans

Sometimes air conditioning isn’t enough to keep your house cool. A summer maintenance project that the kids can help out with is dusting the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a great way to get air circulating in the house, but they can make your allergies worse by spreading dust everywhere if you don’t clean them. As a result, you should break out the stepstool and spot the kids as they do some dusting.

Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

When carrying out everything on your ultimate summer home maintenance checklist, don’t forget to take care of the outdoors. Start by watering your lawn so that it doesn’t dry out from the heat. Also, maybe the kids can help you mow the lawn on occasion so that it doesn’t overgrow. If you’re feeling extra spirited, plant some colorful flowers by the front of the house to give it the pop it needs.

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