Why Mushrooms Are the Sustainable Option

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Why Mushrooms Are the Sustainable Option

The research looks promising for the world of fungi, especially in environmentalism. As it turns out, mushrooms are an incredibly sustainable option for many research fields. We’ll go into why and how below, so let’s get started. 

They Require Fewer Resources To Grow

You’ll find that you don’t need nearly as many organic minerals to make mushrooms grow. Many farmers use substances like wheat straw, corn cobs, almond husks, cotton hulls, and even cow manure. But mushrooms don’t require any of these things.

Overall, growing mushrooms at home is simple and sustainable. You need less than two gallons of water to produce one pound of mushrooms. Compare this to the tens of gallons of water needed to grow other fruits and veggies. You’ll see how small this number is. The growing process is also simple. With a grow kit, some instructions, and water, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy batch. 

They Emit Less Carbon Dioxide

As it turns out, our fungal friends don’t emit nearly as much carbon dioxide as other veggies. Carbon emissions increase dizziness, restlessness, and even difficulty breathing. So, it’s important to cut down on carbon emissions in our environment. It’s a fact that mushrooms only produce 0.5 kilograms of CO2 per pound of food consumed. On the other hand, pork produces 5.5 kg of CO2 per pound consumed.

They’re Versatile

Mushrooms have a long history of being used for everything from fire preservation to medicine. However, recent technological advancements have taken mushroom use to the next level. We currently use mushrooms for building materials, skincare, and vegan leather. Mushrooms are the most sustainable and versatile option because we can do more than eat them. Mushrooms have increasingly shown us that the sky is the limit, and the best is soon to come. 

In short, mushrooms are the keys to our future. Without them, we’ll find our lives to be a lot less enriched. We must learn as much as we can about our fungal friends. When we do, we’ll find our horizons broadened considerably. 

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