Why It’s Important to Give Your Client Aftercare Advice

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As a cosmetic professional, your mission is to provide your clients with the care and service they need to feel beautiful in their own skin. Whether you’re a hairstylist or an eyelash artist, every treatment gets a salon visitor closer to the look they want to portray to the world. However, it’s important to note that your treatments shouldn’t end the moment your client walks out the door. We cover why it’s important to give your client aftercare advice.

Minimizes Risk

If the treatment requires additional care or maintenance after the client leaves, then you need to provide them with the proper information to guarantee great results. Since the client will have detailed steps to refer to for aftercare, they won’t have to take the treatment into their own hands. This significantly cuts back on the risk of something going wrong with the treatment and the client having a poor experience.

Helps Treatment Last

Leaving the client with detailed instructions for care will also allow them to make the products last. Eyelash extensions, for instance, require specific maintenance techniques to slow their deterioration process. As such, many lash artists provide their clients with aftercare cards to ensure they know what harmful conditions to be wary of. This aftercare strategy also helps maintain skincare services and other cosmetic treatments such as piercings and fillers.

Shows Professionalism

As a cosmetic professional, you want to show your client that you’re trustworthy and credible in your field. Providing them with aftercare options does just that, as it demonstrates your willingness for them to obtain the results they’re searching for. This also shows them that you’re knowledgeable and that they can turn to you with any future inquires.

Allows Further Contact with Clients

In providing your clients with a pamphlet or aftercare card, you’re also providing them with additional means to get into contact with you. This allows you to become a continuous resource for them to get their questions answered. As a result of them initiating contact, you’ll be able to offer them more services and inform them of any special deals you have going on.

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