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Which Car Colors Attract the Most Police Attention?

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Which Car Colors Attract the Most Police Attention?

When you sit behind the wheel of your car, you can end up spacing out instead of remaining aware of what’s going on around you. You can either become lost in thought about your upcoming weekend or start changing songs on your playlist. Then all of a sudden, you see the flashing red and blue lights.

You pull over, and before you know it, you have a ticket. While it stinks, you wonder if it was solely due to the red color of your car. However, that might not always be the case. So which car colors attract the most police attention?

Colors That Get Pulled Over the Most

Many believe that red cars tend to get pulled over the most by police in recent years. It has recently changed to white vehicles, with red following shortly behind. Surprisingly, gray and silver round out the third and fourth spots on the list for which car colors attract the most police attention.

Many car owners believe that red vehicles get pulled over due to their eye-catching and flashy appearance, as it is easier to see them while driving around. When it comes to car color evolutions throughout the years, white has recently become the most popular color, so it makes sense that white cars get pulled over more often.

Do the Make and Model Matter?

People tend to forget that the make and model of a car can affect the rates of being pulled over. Some recent studies have shown that the Subaru WRX is one of the most ticketed cars on the road, followed by the Scion FR-S, then the Volkswagen GTI.

Some of the least ticketed vehicles include the Buick Encore crossover SUV, the Lexus IS 350 sedan, and the Acura ILX sedan, respectively. So if you see a white Subaru WRX, there’s a higher chance of it being pulled over compared to a Red Ferrari.

Other Contributing Factors

While looks alone can get a car owner a ticket, it’s more likely to come from unacceptable behavior. As police monitor the oncoming traffic, they look for aggressive or reckless driving, such as speeding or driving under the influence. Easily put, if you drive faster than you’re supposed to, you’re less likely to react cognitively to the varying road situations.

Distracted driving is another common cause of getting a ticket. Police and law enforcement passed a law to have smartphones and other cellular devices remain hands-free. They also look out for illegal U-turns, running red lights or stop signs, dangerous lane changes, and other hazardous behavior.

So, while car color contributes to getting a ticket, practicing good driving behavior can keep you from getting a ticket and endangering others. Stay safe and remain observant of your surroundings.

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