What’s the Difference Between Well Water and City Water

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We all need reliable access to water in order to survive. This is why, just like there are many different water sources on the planet, there are also a plethora of ways to make said water safe to drink. But, depending on where you live, different steps might need to be taken to remove harmful toxins from your water. It’s important, in particular, to note the differences between well water and city water. Though both are safe to use for daily activities, they receive varying amounts of treatment under the supervision of two very different groups. These are their differences and how to tell which you have in your home.

City Water

For starters, city water is defined as any water that’s gathered and treated by the city, then pushed through public pipes to your home. As such, most urban and metropolitan homes don’t often need to be concerned about filtering their own water. This is great for those who prefer the convenience of getting a drink with the mere turn of their tap. However, it’s important to note that because the city is responsible for this process, it’s harder to find out exactly where the water is coming from and what it may contain. In fact, cities tend to gather water from several nearby water sources, each having their own mix of microorganisms and toxins.

Well Water

Well water, on the other hand, is drawn a little closer to home—which is one of the main differences between well water and city water. Rather than collecting water from local run-off, lakes, and streams, well water is obtained by drilling deep into the ground and accessing an underground aquifer on the property. Because these wells are private, it’s up to the landowner to filter the water. This is also an advantage in that they won’t need to pay a monthly water bill or purchase bottles water, so long as they have proper filtration in place. Since it’s coming directly from the ground, well water also tends to be higher in nutrients and minerals.

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