What To Know Before Moving To a Rural Area

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Moving is a brand-new experience no matter where you go., If you’ve never lived in a rural area before and are planning to move straight to the heart of nowhere, there are some important things you must know. It’ll be a difficult transition for you and your family to make, but it’ll have a rewarding outcome once you’ve adjusted. If the call of cheaper prices for larger homes has driven you to move out to a small, rural town, read our advice on what to know before moving to a rural area.

Do Your Research

The first step of any move is to research the area. This does not change when going to a rural small town. Some of the most important things you will need to know before you move are where the nearest public services are—the schools, hospitals, and fire stations. Once you know where they are, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how long it will take for a service vehicle to reach your home during an emergency or for bussing your children to school.

Your next areas of research should be for shopping purposes. Where will you get your groceries? Where is the nearest hardware store? Is there a general retail store nearby? It’s also important to look for recreational activities for your children and yourself.

Rural Home Maintenance Issues

Whether you’re living on a farmhouse or in a small-town family home, there may be some unique rural home maintenance that you’ll need to watch out for. You may have to maintain a large propane tank that provides your home with heat, hot water, and energy for your stove. Always keep your propane tank clean of any debris or snow.

You’re not going to be on city water anymore, and that includes the sewage system. You’ll need to get your septic tank inspected and pumped at least once every three years. Water will likely come from a well, cistern, or water tank. If you plan on using a lot of water for gardening, consider installing a rainwater tank. With any of these options, it’s essential you install a tank liner for easy water changes and maintenance.

Avoid Loneliness

You will oftentimes feel quite separated from neighbors, friends, and family at your new rural home—especially those you left behind at the old home. While it’s important to stay connected to old friends and family, it’s equally important to start making new friends. Loneliness can be a hidden factor when it comes to what to know before moving to a rural area. Try attending events at the nearest town or frequenting the local library. Get involved at your children’s school. Do whatever you can to avoid total isolation.

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