December 3, 2022

What to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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When you’re in the mood to take your beauty routine to the next level, there’s nothing quite as effective as a set of luscious eyelash extensions. These artificial eyelashes fill in the gaps between your natural ones and leave you with thicker, fuller lashes to frame your eyes. But this isn’t all. Women also adore their extensions because they cut out a part of their morning routines—with already full lashes, you no longer need to worry about applying mascara. However, as useful as these lashes can be, it’s important to know more about them before you commit. Here is what to know before getting eyelash extensions to ensure you have the best experience with them.

They Won’t Damage Your Natural Lashes

One of the most common misconceptions about eyelash extensions is that they could potentially damage your own natural lashes. However, when applied correctly by a professional, this simply isn’t true. As long as you find a lash artist who takes the proper precautions, the extensions can adhere to your natural lashes without causing them to break or get pulled out. For additional reassurance, you should also refrain from picking or pulling at your lashes before your appointment to keep them secure.

They’re Made with Different Materials

Eyelash extension products come in a variety of materials. From synthetic fibers to real animal fur, you have the power to choose which ones would work best for your look and skin sensitivity. It’s important to note, though, that each type of lash has its own thickness, application and cleaning requirements, and price, so you’ll need to do a bit of research to find one that fits into your routine and budget.

They Need to Be Properly Cleaned

Another important thing to know before getting eyelash extensions is that you need to clean them regularly to keep them looking good. Otherwise, they can start detaching themselves from the adhesive before you have the chance to properly enjoy them. You’ll need to obtain the proper eyelash cleaners to get the most out of your maintenance, but the effort will be worth it. Cared for lash extensions are more likely to last longer, need fewer touch-ups, and generally look better.

They’re Not Permanent

No matter how much you might want them to be, make sure you remember that your extensions aren’t permanent. Despite how often you clean them or get touch-ups done, they’re likely to still fall away from the adhesive eventually. Fortunately, when this happens, you have the option to pursue new looks with slightly different lashes and experiment with your routine. Because they aren’t an extended commitment, you’re allowed the freedom to test and change your style.

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