January 29, 2023

What to Know About High-Performance Vehicles

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Performance cars are notorious on the racetrack because they allow drivers to travel at incredibly high speeds. They make for better corner speeds, greater braking capabilities, and better handling than most cars. Not many people are familiar with these vehicles, which is why it’s important everyone read on what to know about high-performance vehicles. You’ll see what makes these cars stand out from the rest.

Made for Speed

One main aspect of performance cars is that they’re made for speed. Commonly, sports cars, muscle cars, supercars, or any variation of a high-performance car will have a V8 engine. This allows for great power and acceleration on the road. Some may feature a twin-turbocharged engine that compresses cold air intake in the engine to reduce overheating.

Their Build

Something you might notice about high-performance cars is that they’re sleek. They’re purposefully designed to reduce wind resistance. For example, the high-performance Roush Mustang is a powerful, sleek car designed for optimal speed and appearance. Bulkier cars have multiple friction points and drag, which slow down their speed. Similarly, sports car manufacturers want to keep the vehicle as light as possible. This makes for a greater power-to-weight ratio.

Serious Suspension

Another crucial component of these vehicles is the suspension. The suspension tuning is unparalleled in these cars compared to everyday street rides. This is responsible for connecting the tires to the road with shock absorbers, springs, and linkages. Additionally, performance cars have a lower ride height than basic cars. This ensures little weight transfer and drops the center of gravity.

The Tires

The tread pattern, tire width, and rubber compound all make up a tire’s capability. Unsurprisingly, there are special tires for sports cars and supercars that allow for greater movement at fast speeds. These high-performance tires use softer compounds for better grip, but are not ideal for inclement weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

The Brakes

A normal braking system cannot manage a fast vehicle; there must be brakes to match, especially when it comes to cornering and handling. High-performance brakes utilize performance disc brakes that eliminate hot gas, water, and debris from the rotor. Not to mention, larger calipers and multiple pistons increase the friction and pressure on the contact patch for better deceleration.

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