What To Do When You Hit Your Fitness Plateau

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What To Do When You Hit Your Fitness Plateau

You may have noticed that the consistent time and energy you put into the gym no longer yields the same results. This can feel quite frustrating if you know you aren’t doing anything wrong or skipping out on sessions, yet your body is acting as though you are. Before getting discouraged, understand that this is entirely normal and fixable. Here is what to do when you hit your fitness plateau.


Before you begin breaking through, it is important to double-check that what you are experiencing is truly a plateau. You don’t want to go through extra work when all you need is some minor changes. After a couple of months of consistency, it is normal to loosen the reigns on yourself a bit, resulting in what you might see as a plateau. Pay special attention to your workouts and nutrition to ensure you haven’t cut corners; if you can say you haven’t switched up on anything you’ve done, you might be on a plateau.


Ensure you engage in all the best physical therapy techniques for proper rest and recovery to have your breakthrough. You could work yourself to exhaustion in the gym and see absolutely no success if you don’t correctly recuperate. Many tend to disregard the massive positive effects rest has, but it is the time your body uses to grow your muscles and prepare for another day. Plain and simple—you can’t see results if you don’t rest.

Progressive Overload

With suitable recuperation time for your body, you can begin to engage in progressive overload; this is what to do when you hit your fitness plateau. Your body has adapted to your workout regimen, which is something to celebrate as it means you can now do something easily that was once difficult. Nonetheless, you must keep up the good work and increase the intensity level by progressively adding weight and increasing the frequency of repetitions. Make sure you do this safely and efficiently, so take it slow as you enter uncharted waters and start the next leg of your fitness journey.

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