What Should You Do With a Car That Isn’t Worth Fixing?

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What Should You Do With a Car That Isn’t Worth Fixing?

Your car isn’t doing great. It’s covered in scratches. It needs multiple part replacements. No matter how determinedly you turn the ignition, it won’t fire up.

You love your car, but the cost to repair it is ridiculous, and you’re not sure if it’s worth it. At this point, it’d be better to purchase a new one. But before you get a new car, you need to figure out what to do with the car that isn’t worth fixing. Fortunately, if you have a junk car, there are several ways to discard it.

Sell It

You might not see the point in restoring your car, but there could be someone out there who does. Maybe your car is an old, hard-to-find model that someone’s been yearning for years. To that collector, the price of restoration is worth it. Or maybe there’s a flipper who thinks your car has the potential to make them a few bucks. If it’ll make them money in the long run, they’ll happily shell out for a repair or two.

Even if you’re convinced no one will want to buy your car, it’s worth a try—you could be surprised by the interest and offers you get!

Junk It

Even if private sellers aren’t interested in your car, junkyards will be. Junkyards love old, worn-down, inoperable cars because they can harvest parts and scrap metal from them and sell them at solid prices. Of course, they’ll give you a fair share of the profits should you choose to relinquish your car to them!

Donate It

Not too concerned about getting money for your car? Why not donate it to a local charity? Charities can use cars to provide mobile meal-on-wheel and library programs. They can give them to families in need, or they can sell them for cash to fund their operation.

Charities will take cars even if they’re in poor condition. Repairs are often worth the effort since the charity will get a functional vehicle for a fraction of the cost of a new car in return. In the worst-case scenario, they can sell the car and put the cash from the sale to good use.

Trade It In

The last thing you can do with a car that isn’t worth fixing is trade it in for a new one at a dealership. If your car is in poor condition, its trade-in value may not be much, but it will still help you get a discount on a new car that you can use.

Your car is beat up and broken, but it still has value—just maybe not to you. If you want your junker off your hands, consider one of the options above.

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