What People Look for in a Coffee Shop

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If you’re starting up a fledgling coffee shop, you’re probably looking for ways to attract customers who keep coming back. Before you try something no one has thought to do before, get the basics down. Pay attention to what people look for in a coffee shop by reading this compilation of features.

Good Coffee

Don’t overthink this—people want great coffee from their coffee shop. Try out beans from a couple different countries; vary the darkness of the roast; and think through different ways of preparing it. Make sure to get your beans-to-water ratio right. Settle on a high-quality bean that you think tastes best. It’s crucial not to skimp here—serving the best coffee is a sure way to get repeat customers. Finally, store your beans in a sealed place.

A Pleasing Design & Layout

People see coffee shops as venues for creativity and aesthetic distinctness. Make sure your design is on point and draws in a lot of people. Choose whether you want to assume the look of nearby shops or you want your shop to set a new standard for the area. Don’t go overboard, though—if your form inhibits your function, your guests will peter out because your facilities aren’t usable.

Friendly Baristas

People often spend sizeable chunks of time at coffee shops. The social skills of your staff members matter to these people. If your baristas remember regular customers’ names, you’ll keep those customers—but if you hire people who aren’t kind, then visitors won’t want to stay for long.

Distinct Food

One lesser-known aspect of what people look for in a coffee shop is its food. As we mentioned, people hunker down in coffeehouses for extended periods, so it’s only natural they would eventually get hungry. And what pairs better with coffee than a pastry or perhaps a serving of tiramisu? Try to hone in on something your shop can specialize in.

Technology-Friendly Features

Be friendly to all phone- and computer-users by including lots of outlets in your design and offering a fast wireless connection. This will encourage guests to stay longer and potentially spend more money at your shop.

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