February 7, 2023

What is your favorite type of reading?

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What is your favorite type of reading? Reading is such a huge topic that this article will barely provide a few grains of learning and/or entertainment. This author will not attempt to tackle the challenge of differences.

Reading is a wonderful method of communication! It is also a very good procedure for learning. Often reading is born out of necessity. If you can recall the time when you first started school, you will probably remember what a victory it was to be able to not only recognize the letters of the alphabet, but also to be able to read words, and then even sentences.

The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, has long been a great tool for teaching one to read. In fact, it seems to have been the only book that was used in the learning to read process early on. Perhaps you will recall that one of the most memorable portions of the New Testament, involves the reaction of the people when Jesus read scripture to them from the Book of Isaiah, and applied that to himself.

Looking at the disarray of our world today, one feels that it would be a much better place if we were to go “back to the Bible”. Consider these words from Isaiah 34:16a—”Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read.”

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