We each have our jobs

camden chronicle

Monday evening was a fine day to sit on the back deck overlooking the lake and enjoy the sounds of the bumble bees and the birds that were especially loud.

Bees were out doing their jobs pollinating the new flowers and who knows what the birds were discussing.

Maybe they were excited about the new arrivals. Watching a mama bird visit the eve of the upper floor I noticed something new. In the nest they had made between the gutter downspout and the eve was a nest and in the nest there were open mouths from newborn birds that she would drop food into. Funny that I had noticed the nest earlier in the spring but thought it was left over from last spring. I never knew there were eggs in it and that those eggs had hatched.

I snapped a few pictures to remember that moment and continued watching her go back and forth until dusk settled in. I then went inside to grab a bite for dinner and think about all that had happened in the business that day.

When darkness set in the frogs began their nightly chatter down by the water. Some of them sounded especially funny and if it wasn’t too dark for a stroll I would have liked to have seen what they looked like.

Every animal was out doing its work which made me think about mankind. Most people naturally want to be busy whether it is yard work, research, fishing, jogging, gathering groceries or publishing newspapers. Like the insects and animals outside we like to be productive. I believe that is what God wants of us.

It was one of those quiet evenings when Lisa was out visiting and I had just come in. With a lot on my mind to unwind from, watching the critters do their thing was relaxing as well as interesting.

There are jobs out there for each of us to do. It may not be the perfect job at the moment but it takes us all doing what we can do to build our communities.
We are blessed with healthy families and plenty to do.

As I write this column it is now early morning. The sun is up again, the west wind is calm, and the bumble bees are out doing their thing again. Mama bird is out bringing breakfast for her babies. Someday she will teach them to fly and then they will have their own lives.
Life is good.


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