Ways To Update Your Home Decor for Spring

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Ways To Update Your Home Decor for Spring

Spring is in full swing! Though the winters aren’t particularly bad for us here in Tennessee, spring is still a happy time. It’s important to design your house in a way that reflects the mood and energy of the season. Luckily, you can easily accomplish this without a large-scale renovation. Here are three ways to update your home decor for spring!

Liven Up With Greenery

Spring is a time of rebirth, and nature is a quintessential aesthetic of the season. Simply filling in empty spaces throughout your home with lush greenery can brighten up the decor. Plus, plants will bring nature indoors, boosting your mood. They can even freshen up the air. Tennessee has many native species of plants that look amazing as decor pieces, and you can never go wrong with a few succulents or an elegant money tree.

Bring Out the Color

Green isn’t the only color you should invite into your home—spring is associated with vibrancy across all shades and hues! Embrace unique, loud colors throughout your home’s decor. Consider switching out drab throw pillows for brighter patterned ones. Flower prints match spring perfectly. You can even cycle in new curtains in pastel shades to give your home a brighter feel. Small things such as spring-themed place mats or hand towels are enough to convey a spring decor.

Add Fresh Spring Scents

Decor isn’t always about physical additions—you should be able to notice your interior design through all the other senses. Consider the fact that we often scent our homes with appropriate fragrances such as cinnamon or mahogany in the winter. The same rule applies to spring. Make your house smell like the season with fresh spring scents such as lemon, mandarin, lemon, lilac, eucalyptus, or rose. You can buy misters or candles in these fragrances to boost the feel of your home. You can use diffusers and essential oils to dispense fragrances as well. When properly scenting a room or house, ensure you cover every corner without overwhelming the senses.

Use these three ways to update your home decor for spring to ensure a vibrant, entertaining design. Interior decorating absolutely has an effect on your overall mood, and spring is perhaps the happiest of seasons.

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