Ways To Make Your Home Safe for Aging Parents

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Ways To Make Your Home Safe for Aging Parents

As your parents and loved ones age, they need a safe home that keeps them happy and healthy. Explore ways to make your home safe for aging parents and upgrade your property. Feel free to use one or all of these ideas!

Get a Ramp

Although ramps are common for wheelchair users, people with balance or mobility issues benefit too. Install ramps at your home’s entrances and provide easy access to your space. The ramps are perfect for canes, walkers, crutches, and artificial joints. This modification prevents trips and falls on stairs.

Replace Slippery Floors

If your loved one has balance issues, fall prevention is a big part of upgrading your home. High-tile carpet, tile floors, and hardwood floors are trip hazards, and it’s best to remove them. Opt for low-tile carpet, vinyl, and linoleum floors to prevent slips and falls.

Install a Shower Bench

Slip and fall risks are prevalent among the senior community. Fortunately, you can reduce issues with helpful features. In particular, installing a shower bench is another way to make your home safe for aging parents. Shower chairs provide stability and comfort for older adults. Your parents can sit and bathe without the risk of falling. Along with shower chairs, you can install grab bars inside the bathroom for extra stability.

Upgrade Lighting

Low-quality lighting isn’t ideal for anyone, especially inside homes. Provide adequate room lighting to prevent trips, falls, and other issues. For example, your parents may take the wrong medication because they can’t see their pill bottles. Ideally, you want to support everyone in the best way possible. Light upgrades can make a significant difference.

Make Closets Accessible

People with limited mobility need easy access to daily essentials, including clothes. You can make your closet more accessible by incorporating eye-level furniture. Parents can grab garments without straining their bodies or risking items falling on them.

You can also include slide-out storage features, carousel shelves, and low hanger rods for additional support. If your parent is a wheelchair user, consider removing closet doors to create more space and accommodate their chair.

Install a Bed Rail

Bed rails help people get in and out of bed. They also create a barrier to prevent parents from rolling out of bed. Whether your parents need short-term or long-term support, railing can enhance bedtime safety. Some models offer compartments for magazines, remote controls, and other nightstand essentials.

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