January 29, 2023

Ways To Enhance Your Product With Multi-Sensory Packaging

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Ways To Enhance Your Product With Multi-Sensory Packaging

When designing great packaging, visuals are at the forefront of your mind. Ensuring your colors, images, and text represent your brand and product well helps you connect with consumers and make a lasting impression. But there’s more to packaging than visual elements. Paying attention to other senses enhances the customer experience and makes your products more memorable. Check out these ways to enhance your product with multi-sensory packaging.

Promote Security and Satisfaction With Sounds

Some of the most iconic product sounds revolve around opening or closing the product. Think about the crack of a tab on a soda can or the click of a resealable plastic bag—these noises indicate a secure closure.

When you crack open a soda can and hear that iconic fizz, you know you’re drinking a safe, untampered product. When you press the seal together on a resealable plastic pouch, you know your product will stay fresh. Designing your packaging with dynamic seals and fasteners creates a sensory experience that customers will remember and associate positively with your brand.

Tempt Customers With Tactile Interest

When packaging looks satisfying or interesting to touch, customers are more likely to pick it up and inspect it closely. Features like embossed, debossed, or flocked letters add both visual and tactile interest, ultimately creating multi-sensory packaging that enhances your product. You can also experiment with unique packaging shapes by adding dimples, ribbing, or interactive features that entice customers.

Incorporate touch in a way that best represents your product. For example, folding carton package designs that have a soft touch coating are soft and smooth to the touch, making them perfect for skincare products that will help customers feel the same way.

Create Memories With Scents

Of all the senses, smell is the one most directly linked to memory. That means you can use scents to your advantage to create a lasting connection between your products and your customers.

One way to evoke strong feelings with scents is to create packaging that allows customers to smell the product within. For example, including windows and cut-outs gives consumers a sneak peek at your product. You can also incorporate scents into ink, ribbons, and other exterior features to make them part of the packaging itself. Additionally, adding scents to interior packaging—such as tissue paper—gives customers an elevated unboxing experience after they buy your product.

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