Useful Tips for Creating a Man Cave

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There are moments when you want to escape from reality for a time. In your bachelor days, accomplishing this might have been simple enough since you may have had a living space to yourself. With a family, though, you may face obstructions to getting some alone time or casually hanging out with friends. Enter the man cave, which provides a space in the house that’s set apart for your leisure activities. Follow these useful tips for creating a man cave of your own.

Find the Right Location

First things first: you need to find the right location for your man cave. You might have an empty room in the house that doesn’t see much use. Another area that’s convenient for setting up a man cave is the basement. People often use their basements for storage, meaning no one in the house ventures there unless they’re briefly retrieving something or putting something away. You just need to make sure that your basement is finished and that it includes a waterproofing system—such as one that utilizes a pedestal sump pump—so that you don’t run into leaking problems after you’ve moved in lots of furniture and entertainment items.

Decide What You Want to Include

With the location set, you should figure out what you want to include in the room. Starting with a television and a comfortable sofa and chairs is always a safe bet. From there, consider your interests. What will you want to do when you’re relaxing? Maybe you want to put in a bar so that you don’t need to venture all the way to the kitchen for drinks. A pool table can serve as a nice source of fun for you and your friends as well. Whatever you choose, try to bring in variety so that you have more than one thing to do in your man cave.

Unify the Overall Style

The man cave is meant for leisure, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw it together chaotically. An additional useful tip for creating a man cave is to choose a unifying style that the furniture and other items fit with. You don’t need to go extravagant. Simply choose some colors that are easy to match with and stick with those if you’re unsure about how to decorate. A certain type of wood color or a grayscale color palette could work to keep everything consistent without forcing you to fuss over appearances. If you have an interest or hobby that dominates your free time, you could also use that to guide you. For example, you might integrate the colors of your favorite sports team into the room.

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