Upgrade culture, not gun laws

camden chronicle

With early deadlines and feverish production deadlines the hope is that this newspaper will be in our readers’ hands prior to Thanksgiving. For whatever reason some readers will not get their newspapers until after Thanksgiving. Those who buy their newspapers at the stores and wait until after Thursday to do so will be among the few that do not read these pages until after Thanksgiving.

Most will have this newspaper prior to the fall holiday and to those and all others we wish a very Happy Thanksgiving.

A lot of people get a jump on Christmas with decorations up and hitting the roads at the crack of dawn for the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Lisa and I will not put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. We wish to enjoy the day and the long weekend with family and friends. After that the Christmas planning can begin.

Many will go hunting on one or more of the days. As for me, I do not hunt but fully support those that do. If I were to get out there in a tree stand prior to daylight, I would be armed with a camera and an extra long lens to photograph nature as it awakens.

Like most Americans, we have more than one gun in our household. I hope day never comes when politicians put bans on guns.

I do not believe that a ban on guns will end senseless shootings and doing so makes zero sense to me.

A change in culture could slow down those kinds of shootings.

Our society seems to put little value on human lives. Video games that once featured shooting “space invaders” now focus on kids shooting kids. Planned parenthood seems to promote killing unborn babies. Unborn lives matter. Studies show that almost every 12-year-old is exposed to pornography on the Internet. It is hard to find a good movie (or television show) that doesn’t contain blatant cursing. Hollywood producers seem to make bedroom scenes commonplace in almost every show.

Only when value is again placed on human life, deep respect is shown for law enforcement, and prayer is put back in schools will we see a reversal of the downward spiral on respect for human life.

But that is the opinion of this writer. I would like to hear yours.


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