Types of Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

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Maintaining your car is an essential aspect of keeping it in pristine condition. But sometimes taking it to the shop isn’t in the cards. The good news is that while there are some types of upkeep you should leave to the professionals, there are also types of car maintenance you can do yourself.

Hand Washing and Detailing

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your car in excellent shape is hand-wash and detail it yourself. All you need to get this done is a couple of buckets, your favorite car shampoo, a vacuum, and perhaps a couple of quick maintenance sprays. There are several reasons to detail and wash your own car:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It helps you avoid unsightly streaking
  • You get the satisfaction of making your vehicle look luxuriant

So, if you’re looking for things you can do to maintain your car yourself, washing and detailing it is an excellent place to start.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning Filter

Another type of car maintenance you can do yourself is replacing your air cabin filter. While this may sound like complicated work, it’s pretty straightforward once you access the filter. You’ll need a screwdriver for this task, and you’ll also want to purchase a replacement filter.

Use your screwdriver to unscrew the hinges of your glovebox and apply pressure to both sides of it. You’ll want to be sure to tilt the glove box downward, pulling it free and allowing you access to your air filter. After that, you take out the old, clogged filter and replace it with a fresh, clean one. Pay close attention to the filter’s orientation as you slide it into place, ensuring that it’s a smooth and easy fit.

Changing Your Oil

You can also perform your oil changes. Of course, this type of DIY maintenance involves a few more steps, requiring some finesse. However, once you understand the process, it all becomes very simple. You’ll want to ensure you have all the proper tools and the best oil for your car’s engine. Next, you’ll jack up your vehicle so you can get underneath it to the oil reservoir, and then you’ll want to follow these steps to the letter:

1.) Remove the drain plug – unscrew the drain plug to get access to your oil reservoir. Make sure you pull the plug away from the stream of oil.

2.) Remove your oil filter – Once you have access to the reservoir, crank off the filter, making sure that the rubber gasket comes off with it.

3.) Add fresh oil – Fill the engine’s reservoir with new oil using a funnel and recap bottle to avoid spillage.

4.) Reassemble – After you refill your reservoir, reassemble your reservoir and run your car to make sure that the oil takes appropriately.

So, while you might want to leave the extensive repairs to a mechanic, there are types of car maintenance you can do yourself. We hope this guide gives you insight into how you can keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

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