Two bridges to close

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A bridge on Lower Big Sandy River Road and a smaller bridge on Mt. Zion Road will soon be closed for new construction. According to Benton County Road Supervisor Buck Carter, both projects will be completed at little cost to the county.

The Ramble Creek Bridge on Lower Big Sandy River Rd., originally built in the 1960’s, will be completely replaced. Dement Construction, of Humboldt, is slated to begin the project on Monday, July 8, and must complete the job in 120 days or less. The new bridge will be of cement construction with cement walls.

The replacement of the 150-ft. span over Ramble Creek is being funded by a federal “Bridge Replacement Z” (BRZ) grant. Of the estimated $921,000 cost, the county is on the hook for a mere four tenths (0.4) of one percent.

Once the Ramble Creek Bridge is complete, the county will resurface all of Lower Big Sandy River Rd. Using State Aid Funds, the county will be responsible for only 2 percent of the cost for the new blacktop surface.

While the Ramble Creek Bridge is out, travelers on Big Sandy River Rd. can detour on Tom White Rd. north of the bridge, or Clement Rd. to the south. Both detours place drivers on Hwy. 69 N.

The bridge project at Mt. Zion Rd. will replace a small bridge at Sulphur Creek, near the road’s junction with Sulphur Creek Rd. The 15-foot span will be completed with a box culvert type bridge with no rails. Southern Concrete, of Charlotte, is scheduled to begin the project on June 17, and will have 100 days to complete the work.

Using Improve Act funds from the state, a part of the high priority bridge replacement program (HPBRP), the Mt. Zion Rd. bridge will be completed at no cost to the county.

Again, the county road department will resurface Mt. Zion Rd. once construction is complete. In this case, the chip-sealed surface will be financed with county funds.

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