Troubleshooting Common Paper Shredder Issues

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Troubleshooting Common Paper Shredder Issues

Does your paper shredder run into the same issues whenever you start operating it? If so, you might be running into one of a few common paper shredder issues. Keep reading to learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot these common paper shredder issues so that you can get back to your paper disposal project.

Your Shredder Is Overheating

Many standard paper shredders have a maximum run-time that prevents them from creating fire hazards. This is because shredders can overheat when you shred a large stack of paper in one sitting. To prevent your shredder from overheating and becoming a fire hazard, it’s important to allow your machine plenty of time to cool down between uses. If your shredder suddenly stops midway during a shredding project, you simply need to give it time to cool down before continuing. Most shredders are ready to continue operating after a break of less than 30 minutes.

Your Shredder Is Jammed

You’ll know when your paper shredder is jammed if it stops halfway through a job. You might have caused the jam by inserting the paper at the wrong angle or feeding too many sheets through at once. Always be patient with standard paper shredders, as most models aren’t fit to shred large stacks of paper quickly. To free up your jam, try running the shredder in reverse, then re-insert your paper properly. If your shredder experiences frequent jams, consider applying specialty shredder oil to the blades to lubricate them. Oiling your shredder is part of proper paper shredder maintenance.

Your Shredder Stops Taking Paper

If your shredder won’t accept any paper at all, this could be a sign of a few issues. When the shredder’s receptacle becomes full of paper scraps, the sensors in the shredder can automatically shut off the device. A simple fix is to turn off your shredder, unplug it, and empty the bin. When you turn your shredder back on, it should be ready to continue shredding, as long as it hasn’t overheated. In other cases, your shredder’s sensors could be malfunctioning or damaged, which will usually require professional repairs.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot these common paper shredder issues, you can keep your shredder in good condition and operate it safely. If you share your shredder with family or coworkers, make sure that everyone knows how to operate it safely with these troubleshooting tips.

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