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Top Tips To Update Your Beauty Routine for Fall

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Seasons are all about one reoccurring concept: change. We habitually switch out our wardrobes when different seasons come and go—and the same change should occur within our regular beauty regimens. Right now, as our portion of the globe tilts away from the sun, the days of autumn become inevitably darker and shorter.

The coolness and crispness of the season’s conditions bring their own beauty challenges and undertakings. To help ease the transitional change, we’ve compiled the following top tips to update your beauty routine for fall. Here’s what you need to know.

Fall-Friendly Skin Care: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Moisturizing is a must-do in the cooler autumnal weather. Your lighter summer daze moisturizer doesn’t make the cut anymore. Instead, say hello to a new fall skin care routine that provides all-day hydration. Replace your daily lotion with a richer hydrating cream to avoid dry and flaky skin.

Hinging on your specific skin type—and the local change of climate—you may want to consider an extra boost. Use day serums and night creams for supplemental moisture. Don’t forget about sunscreen, either. Stay on top of SPF by wearing proper products when you’re outside. Sun damage can occur even when there’s cloud cover.

Adjust Your Makeup and Nail Color Palette

Without a doubt, beauty trends and aesthetics continually change with the seasons. What will you change up about your fall makeup regimen? Do a fall cleaning-out of your current products and brushes. Now is the time to retire your summer-specific color palettes—think neon or brighter coral hues—and break out deeper and darker tones. Modify your makeup and nail color strategy to coordinate with your outfits. Espresso, green, gray, mauve, or jewel-toned eyeshadows and nail polishes, as well as red or wine-colored lipsticks, top the update list.

Lips and Locks Need Love, Too

When it comes to care treatments, don’t overlook your lips and locks. Bringing back full-body moisture is one of the top tips to update your beauty routine for fall. You don’t need to invest in heavily- specialized products, but you do need to add additional hydration in some shape or form. A wide array of effective methods to maintain healthy seasonal locks or give your lips a subtle boost are out there.

As the energy of shifting change lingers in the autumnal air, give your beauty routine a fresh start. Proper care of your hair, skin, and nails remains a necessity year-round.

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