January 29, 2023

Top Things To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

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Top Things To Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

There are amazing things to look forward to after weight loss surgery. You will shed pounds and have a better lifestyle. Preview the road ahead by checking out the top things to expect after weight loss surgery!

Weight Loss

The most obvious thing to expect after weight loss surgery is weight loss. However, this factor is dependent on the procedure you receive. Gastric bypass patients experience rapid weight loss within the first few months after the surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy patients may lose two to four pounds per week during the first 6 to 12 months post-op. Regardless of your specific procedure, weight loss is a guaranteed factor.

Change in Food Intake

A big component of maintaining surgery results is limited food intake. In fact, most procedures limit your calorie intake. For instance, one thing to know about gastric bypass surgery is that the procedure alters the way your body absorbs food. This procedure restricts the amount of food your body can hold, thus limiting calories.

Instead of large portions, you must eat small amounts of food (sometimes, just a few bites). Expect a major shift in your daily eating habits following this procedure. Anticipate frequent, small meals rather than three large meals each day.

Improvement in Health Complications

Many people seek bariatric procedures because they deal with weight-related health concerns such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Weight loss surgery can help improve these diagnoses! These health concerns are life-threatening, and it’s important to make changes to your lifestyle to lessen their effects. After weight loss procedures, many patients experience dramatic health improvements.

Higher Activity Level

Excess weight can weigh down your joints and make physical activity difficult. Fortunately, when you shed pounds, it’s easier to exercise and complete physical tasks. After surgery, you can anticipate higher activity levels. Remaining active is great for your health, but it also maintains procedure results!

Changes in Self-Image

Last but not least, a change in your self-image is another thing to expect after weight loss surgery. People who struggle with weight loss and healthy habits often find a better outlook on life after surgery. Eating better, increasing physical activity, and reducing health concerns are all great things that can improve your way of life. They also contribute to your appearance. Simply put, when you look good, you feel good. Patients often build a more positive self-image and gain confidence following this type of procedure!

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