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Top Signs That Your Furniture Is Quality Construction

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If you are shopping for a new piece of furniture, you should always want to know the quality of the piece. Simply put, the quality of construction usually indicates the quality of craftsmanship, the overall lifetime of the piece, and the materials used in the construction of the furniture. Here are some of the top signs that your furniture is quality construction!

Well-Constructed Joints

When assessing a piece of furniture’s quality, one of the best ways to tell the quality of construction is by looking at the joints. Whether the furniture has a wood frame or a metal frame, the effort put into making any joints on the furniture will tell you easily if the piece is of good quality. When looking at wood furniture, see whether the dowel holes are covered, how smooth the cut joints are, and whether or not the screws are also hidden or placed out of sight. With metal, simply look at the quality and pattern of the welds. If they look sloppy and uneven, it is probably bad construction.

Non-Visible Materials

Another easy way to quickly assess the quality of a piece of furniture is by checking the non-visible materials. Often, cheaper furniture will utilize more expensive materials on the outside and balance this higher cost with bad quality materials for the non-visible parts. Some of the most common places for them to use lesser quality materials are on the bottom of furniture and the sides and bottoms of drawers.

Visible Materials

Sometimes, affirming the quality of furniture is as easy as looking at the visible materials. In most cases, this will simply mean looking at the upholstery or surface materials of the furniture. If the materials used are of lesser quality (as in warped grain in the wood or PU leather), you can be sure that the entire piece of furniture is lower quality than what you may want.

When shopping for furniture, it pays to know a few of the signs that point to your furniture being quality construction. Remember that you do not always need to spend the maximum amount to get a piece of quality furniture. If you want to find a quality piece of furniture at a more affordable price, consider getting down and dirty in your local consignment stores, estate sales, and yard sales!

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