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Top Safety Tips To Follow in the Woodworking Shop

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It is no secret that the woodworking shop is a dangerous area. With all the saws, cutting, and material that will undoubtedly fly everywhere, it is easy to see the safety hazards that areas such as these present. As such, having a great safety system in place will greatly cut down on the number of accidents that can occur in a woodworking area. Here are the top safety tips to follow in the woodworking shop!

Always Wear Safety Equipment

The issue with wearing baggy or loose clothing is that there’s a good risk a piece of material will get trapped in a cutting head or saw blade. As a result, make an effort to dress in clothing that is appropriate for the woodworking environment and that also protects you. This includes such safety attire as steel-toed boots. Before beginning work, make sure that any dangling jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets, is removed.

Avoid Using Anything That Will Impair Your Reaction Time

Simply put, substances that cause inebriation and power tools will never mix. In the woodshop, you don’t want to suffer the consequences of mistakenly using the wrong tool because your reflexes aren’t sharp. Furthermore, inebriation will often detrimentally affect your coordination, making it much more likely to cause an accident.

Use a Single Extension Cord

Using a single extension cord will help you avoid leaving machinery accidentally plugged in. This can eliminate the chances of the tool turning on and causing serious injury. Furthermore, using a single extension cord will ensure that the tripping hazard that these cords present is minimized.

Never Use Blunt Blades

While it may seem obvious, many will not realize how dangerous it is to use blunt blades when using cutting implements. Blunt blades in such tools as jointers are not only ineffective at cutting through any material but may also kick back when cutting through material, causing an injury to occur. To prevent this from happening, always ensure your jointer is maintained and handled properly.

We hope you have enjoyed these top safety tips to follow in the working woodworking shop. While working in these shops, always remember to have a strict safety system in place. Doing so will ensure that all your endeavors in the workshop are carried out safely and effectively.

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