Top Employee Recognition Holidays To Celebrate as a Business

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It’s no secret that showing appreciation to your employees is among the best ways to increase worker morale and create a positive company culture. However, all too often, business executives miss the perfect chances to do so. National holidays have been established to prevent the workforce from going unrecognized. It’s just up to you to remember when these days are. These are some of the top employee recognition holidays to celebrate as a business to ensure everyone on your team gets noticed for their hard work.

Employee Appreciation Day

Marked for the first Friday of March each year, Employee Appreciation Day is among the most important holidays for office workers. This is because it presents you with an opportunity to truly recognize your team for all they’ve accomplished. After all, they’re the means by which you complete your projects and are the very heart of your workforce. Whether you give your employees an early release day or take them out to lunch, celebrating goes a long way in improving employee relations and making them feel valued by you.

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is also an important holiday to mark on your executive calendar. Taking place on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, this day highlights your administrative team specifically, including your secretaries, assistants, and client service representatives. These individuals work hard to ensure everything remains orderly in the office, and they’re also well-deserving of a celebration in their honor. Fortunately, there are several ways to observe Administrative Professionals Day that you can choose from.

HR Professional Appreciation Day

Another crucial employee recognition holiday to celebrate is HR Professional Appreciation Day. Like other types of appreciation days, this date is reserved to recognize a certain team of professionals and all they do for your company. In this case, September 26 is meant to pay tribute to your HR team—the individuals that handle the finances and planning aspects of your operation. HR seminars are a great way to honor these individuals because your team can obtain a newfound appreciation for what they do behind the scenes.

Bosses Day

Make sure you’re giving the proper amount of recognition to your managers as well. Each department needs a head to ensure they remain on task and meet all workplace needs. These professionals are your eyes on this level of the company and will serve to keep the work flowing effectively. As such, they need some time for appreciation like anyone else. Bosses Day falls on October 16 each year—leaving you plenty of time to determine how to best recognize your team’s leadership skills.

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