Top Benefits of Building With Cedar Wood

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Top Benefits of Building With Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is known for its warm, earthy aroma and keeping insects away. The oils inside cedar wood emit a one-of-a-kind sweet scent perfect for indoor or outdoor structures. Other than its sweet scent, cedar is also known for being an excellent choice for building homes. If you’re considering renovating or building a new home, here are some benefits of building with cedar wood.

What Is Cedar Wood?

Cedar is a popular type of wood used in the construction industry for years. Due to its welcoming scent, beautiful color, and powerful features, it’s been the top choice for building structures that can last for generations. Cedar typically grows in damp climates, allowing it to be weather-resistant.

Types of Cedar Wood

Many different types of cedar grow in various regions of the United States. All other types of cedar wood share similar benefits and textures, but their aesthetics vary. Below are the two most popular types of cedar: Western Red and Northern White.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is known for its unique reddish-pink tint with slight amber, cream, or brown swirls. This type of cedar has such distinctive properties that it’s hard not to look in awe. This wood is easy to cut and modify for your construction projects.

Northern White Cedar

White cedar is known for its natural light and dark combination, ranging from white to brown. This wood’s grain is straight but has small knots of knotty pine. Since this wood is soft, it’s easy to work with and modify. This wood is best used for tongue or groove paneling.

Why Should You Use Cedar Wood?

There are many considerations when selecting a construction material, including your budget, durability, and aesthetics. Cedar checks off every point of your requirements due to the many benefits of building with cedar wood. This natural material doesn’t shrink, swell, or warp. It can withstand many conditions and resist decay. Cedar is also sound-resistant, making it a great material for building fences or decks.

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