Tips for Moving a Fish Tank Safely

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No matter the size of the fish tank, moving it from location to location can be a very overwhelming and intimating process. Not only are you trying to move the tank without damaging it at all, but you also want to make sure that the fish are safe throughout the process. Continue reading for a few tips for moving a fish tank safely.

Collect Needed Items

There are a couple of different items that you can purchase to make this part of the move easier. These items include buckets or plastic bags, packing tape or duct tape, fishnet, a siphon hose, and any other packing supplies.

Get the Tank Ready for Travel

Once you have all the products that you need, it’s time to get everything ready to transport to the new location. The first thing that you can do is decide how you are going to move your fish—specifically, you can decide whether you are going to use plastic bags and containers or buckets. Once this decision is made, you can take the fish out of your tank and move them to where they will be held during transport. Just make sure that the water is clean and that there is air in the top of the bags if that is your choice of location for the move.

When the fish are finally out of the tank, you can then drain the water and start allowing for the breakdown of the tank. This will allow for the different items to be packed up nicely for the move.

Pack Everything Up

Make sure all the tank items are packed up nicely so that they won’t break during the move. The worst thing that you could do is leave different items in the tank and allow for them to move around and hit the glass during the move. Once they are dry, it is recommended to pack all the devices in a box and wrap them in the proper moving material.

Set Everything Back Up

When you finally get to your new home, the best and most satisfying part is finally here! Having the ability to put the tank back together and make it better than ever is one of the final parts to moving your tank. Unpack all the items, fill up your tank, allow your fish to get acclimated to the water temperature, and get everything working.

Once your tank is up and running, make sure to do your part in keeping your tank maintained. Having to take everything apart will be like starting over again with water regulation and all the other elements you need to watch for when caring for an aquarium.

Nobody wants to leave their fish behind because they are moving. The best part is, if you go about it the right way, then you don’t have too. These tips for moving a fish tank safely will make the process smoother and will allow for a smooth transition for you and your pet!

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