Tips for Maintaining Manufacturing Equipment

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One of the greatest costs in manufacturing is the manufacturing equipment itself. The maintenance may seem monotonous at times, but it’s well worth it. When not well-maintained, manufacturing equipment can fail or break down until it’s irreparable and eventually needs to be replaced, which will cost much more than the cost of regular maintenance. In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips for maintaining manufacturing equipment. It only takes a regular schedule and a little attention to detail.


Keeping a regular maintenance schedule and posting it for all to see is the only way to make sure the maintenance gets done. On top of maintenance, a daily schedule is needed for quick check-ups of all of the equipment to make sure it’s ready for the day. The last thing a manufacturing company needs is a complete shut down for the day because the equipment wasn’t maintained or properly checked that day.

Look for Wear and Tear

During the daily routine, check for normal wear and tear on the equipment. Gears, belts, bolts, and other parts experience plenty of heat and friction and are sometimes overworked. Look over everything you can every day in addition to conducting regular maintenance check-ups.

Clean and Lubricate

Every part of the equipment needs cleaning, and many parts need lubrication. Things like ball screws will last for years when clean and well lubricated, and you most likely rely on plenty of them in your equipment. Nuts, bolts, belts, and gears wear out or become stripped. Keeping those parts clean makes it easier to see possible issues, and keeping them lubricated helps them last longer.


One of the best tips for maintaining manufacturing equipment is to train your employees. Employees who don’t know how to properly handle machinery won’t know if they’re damaging it. Most importantly, the employees themselves are safer when they know how to operate the equipment correctly. A bonus is that the equipment will also be safer.

Use our tips for maintaining manufacturing equipment to ensure your company and its equipment stays up to par for years to come.

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