Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter

During winter, your home becomes vulnerable to the frigid winter climate. Various interior and exterior damages can occur from the cold weather, ranging from frozen pipes to blocked gutters. Winter also means spending more time indoors, which can cause more wear and tear inside the home. Maintaining your home in winter helps prevent future damages to your property and keeps you warm indoors.

Whether you shovel your driveway or clean your chimney, taking care of your home in winter can look drastically different than doing so in spring. Here are some tips for keeping your home warm in winter.

Check the Heat Pumps

Heat pumps play an essential role in keeping your home warm in winter. However, the cold temperatures cause pumps to freeze, especially if they sit outside. When you know how to keep your heat pump from freezing, you’ll be able to aid its longevity and decrease the risk of the pump not working altogether. For instance, you can turn on the defrost cycle to keep your system functional despite the cold.

Clear Out the Chimney

If your home has a fireplace, you may want to clear out the chimney. Soot can collect and build up in chimneys, especially after continuous use during a short period. Blocked vents can cause smoke and excess soot to escape into the room, damaging the interior of your house. Prevent this so that you can continue to warm your home with your fireplace.

Unblock the Radiators

Make sure that nothing is blocking the radiator or working against it to ensure that you receive the total amount of heat emitted from it. Note that furniture pieces in front of radiators will take in most of the radiated heat and hinder the warmth from spreading throughout the room.

Seal Leaky Doors and Windows

Openings between doors and windows can let the cold air into your home. If you notice any cold air leaking through window edges or door gaps, seal the leaks with weatherstripping, rubber, or tape.

Staying warm in colder climates makes it all that more endurable. So you should protect your home and yourself from frigid winter weather with these tips for keeping your home warm in winter.

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