Tips for Keeping Your Black Friday Customers Coming Back

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Black Friday has become much more than just a single shopping day out of the year. Many businesses are finding ways to extend and make the most of their Black Friday sales. But what do you do when the sales end? How do you keep all your new customers engaged? Follow these tips for keeping your Black Friday customers coming back to your business and making future purchases.

Collect Customer Information

Before customers come through your door in waves on Black Friday, make sure you have a system in place for collecting their information. Your business will likely see more new customers than ever during Black Friday week, so make sure you can maintain that engagement even after the sales are over. Consider asking for customers’ phone numbers or email addresses at checkout or in surveys. With these, you can continue to send promotions to these new customers so that they’re more likely to remember your store and return.

Create Last-Minute Gift Guides

While many customers may be shopping on Black Friday for holiday gifts, some might be more last-minute shoppers. You can target these last-minute shoppers by creating holiday gift guides compiling some of your products that would make great gifts. You can theme products together into bundles, stocking stuffer ideas, or gifts for certain demographics, such as “Gifts for Him/Her” and other groups within your target audience. Send these suggestions through your new text or email channels or promote them through your social media or website to attract more customers.

Promote Gift Cards

Gift cards are a fantastic opportunity for engaging customers who have previously shopped with you. Gift cards are convenient for shopping online and in-store, and they are great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. If a customer shopped with you during Black Friday and enjoyed your store and products, they’re likely to recommend your store to a loved one through a gift card. If you’re not already offering gift cards at your retail store, now’s the time to try them out.

A key part of preparing your retail store for the holidays is engaging your Black Friday shoppers. With these tips for keeping your Black Friday customers coming back, you can utilize the traffic your store received and turn it into future sales.

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