Tips for Dealing With Medical Expenses After an Injury

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Tips for Dealing With Medical Expenses After an Injury

Injuries and accidents happen, and they often incur steep financial penalties. While this is no reason to avoid a doctor, the stresses of expensive medical bills can have a devastating effect on people living paycheck to paycheck. Read on to learn three tips for dealing with medical expenses after an injury.

Go To the Doctor

This is the most important thing to do. Even if times are tough, your first thought needs to be to your health, not your wallet. You can’t walk everything off. After a car accident, go to the doctor. Not every injury will present itself as debilitating at first. A sore neck could be a sign of worse symptoms to come, so go to the doctor and let a professional help you.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you receive your bills, send them to your health insurance company. Your health insurance provider knows the best ways to secure discounts and facilitate better access to coverage. Calling your insurance provider directly to ask about reductions often yields more favorable results than hoping they’ll give you the most assistance off the bat.

If you don’t have health insurance, that’s not a reason to forego medical care. Talk with the hospital or doctor about a payment plan that works for you.

Consider a Claim

Accidents happen, but sometimes there’s a person at fault. If that person isn’t you, speak with an attorney about an injury claim. Often, the money you can get from winning a lawsuit more than outweighs the expenses you can accrue on your own.

If you think you have no chance of paying for a lawsuit (due to court costs and attorney’s fees), that’s where you’re wrong. There are a few elements that a personal injury claim requires, but if you meet them, you can get financial assistance in the form of pre-settlement funding. That’s when a funder gives you the money you need to pay your expenses before you win the case.

Now that you know these three tips for dealing with medical expenses after an injury, get the care you need and speak with professionals to determine how to save a lot of money.

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