Things To Consider When Cleaning Your Home in the Winter

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Things To Consider When Cleaning Your Home in the Winter

The cold weather naturally keeps people inside more than any other season. While the frigid temperature is nothing to scoff at, it’s worth it to make the most of your time indoors when you can manage it. Getting things tidied up keeps you busy and allows you to relax in a clean and comfortable home. These are some things to consider when cleaning your home in the winter.


Throughout the year, your vents gather dust and dirt that eventually clog the air filters in your home. If your vents get clogged, it can result in excessive allergens and dust in your home. Cleaning your air filters and clearing out your air ducts is a great way to avoid dusty air from affecting your daily life during the winter.


Some homeowners do not realize the importance of cleaning out their gutters until it is too late. After fall has passed, it’s likely that leaves and dirt have found their way into the gutters and clogged them. While not super noticeable, clogged gutters make it harder for snow on your roof to melt and go back into the ground. In the worst-case scenario, this leads to water damage on the roof and leads to pricey repairs. So while you clean up around the house, clear out your gutters as well—you won’t regret it!

Old or Vintage Features

Older homes with peeling wallpaper, chipped tiles, and torn rugs could use some love to bring them back to their former glory. Decide where you want to start and take on one project at a time. And when cleaning older parts of the house, such as vintage popcorn ceilings, it’s important to get them tested for asbestos. While there are some interesting facts about asbestos, it’s best not to learn more from personal experience.

Winter is the perfect time to get some major home cleaning done while you’re stuck inside. These things to consider when cleaning your home in the winter are great ways to get started on making your home feel like new.

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