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Things To Consider Before Buying an Electric Trike

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Things To Consider Before Buying an Electric Trike

Today, many adults can’t remember the last time they took a joyride on a tricycle. And more than likely, that period in their life was too short-lived to recall. Nowadays, many are turning to convenient, compact, motorized solutions to alleviate the pressure on their wallet. But before jumping the gun on something for yourself, here are a few things to consider before buying an electric trike.

Routine Care and Upkeep

Investing in an electric trike comes with an upfront expense but, over time, becomes more and more rewarding as you cut back on vehicle expenses. One of the most significant ways to keep your e-trike in good working condition is routine care and upkeep.

Taking the time to perform proper maintenance on the trike will extend its lifecycle, ensure high-performance levels, and maintain your safety.


The frame style of the trike is a considerable thing to keep in mind. There are folding and rigid frames, but when you think about what is best for you, factor in your mobility functions and your commuter vehicle trunk space.

A folding trike may be better if you’re looking to take your trike on long journeys where you need to commute beforehand. But if you’re looking for an everyday trike and have the space to park it, a rigid frame may work for you.


When looking at the framework, consider the overall step-through of the trike. There is a high leg swing over the seat on a traditional two-wheeled bicycle, which may not work for everyone.

The step-through tends to be shorter off the ground on an electric trike. There are frames with varying height step-throughs. If mobility is an existing issue, try to be mindful of this as you shop around.

Battery Specifications

A significant thing to consider before buying an electric trike is the battery specifications related to your usage goals. It’s essential to understand how often you will use the trike and what purposes it will serve. Every trike comes with its own set of battery specifications.

In general, the larger the battery, the farther you can travel on one charge. It’s also worth noting that it is healthy to allow the battery to drain entirely about once per month.

Investing in an electric trike is a unique way to reduce your carbon footprint and leave a few extra dollars in your pocket every week. Once you get beyond the initial investment, it’s all about enjoying the ride!

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