The Ultimate Meat and Beer Pairing Guide

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The Ultimate Meat and Beer Pairing Guide

There’s no question that good beer and skillfully grilled meat are an unbeatable match. But if you’re looking to perfect your barbecue menu for your next grilling party, pairing this delicious combo the right way can make whatever you grill even better. Here’s the ultimate meat and beer pairing guide to make your next backyard barbecue one to remember.

Pairing Beer With Chicken

There’s truly nothing more iconic than spicy buffalo wings and beer. Pale ales pair the best with spicy chicken due to their lightness on the tongue and refreshing taste. However, if you’re grilling with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, you’re going to want to cut through all that sugar with something bitter or rich, like a dark stout.

Pairing Beer With Pork and Smoked Meats

A crisp amber ale is perfect for cutting through the sweetness of a barbecue rib or loin. And just like a barbecued chicken, a deep stout also pairs well. Alternatively, if you’re smoking pork—or really smoking any meat—the last thing you want to do is muddle the smokey flavor of your protein with an already smokey beer. A pale IPA or ale is the way to go if you want to guarantee your smoked meat stands out.

Pairing Beer With Beef and Steak

Much like spicy buffalo wings, steak and beer come together to create another iconic combo. Any beer with citrus notes will bring your flavorful steak to life; you’re not limited to the regular steak and IPA combo. In addition, brown ales and earthy dark lagers enhance burgers, meatballs, and other types of beef.

Pairing Beer With Seafood

Seafood can be the hardest protein to match with beer as it ranges from subtle shrimp to the robust flavor of oysters. Opt for a pale lager or pilsner if you’re working with crab, shrimp, or lightly seasoned fish. However, powerful flavors like oysters, scallops, and lobsters need a robust stout to mitigate that harsh yet delicious seafood taste.

Now that you have the ultimate meat and beer pairing guide, there’s no better day than today to start perfecting your next backyard barbecue menu. Besides, now you have the perfect excuse to taste test all the beer and barbecue your heart desires!

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