The Top Skills Necessary for Event Planning

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Event planning calls for significant prep, whether you want to do it as a one-time job or a possible career path. Although you might excel in one part of the job, it’s critical to understand the top skills necessary for event planning. Use the list below to familiarize yourself with the industry’s must-have attributes so you can plan weddings, parties, and other gatherings perfectly.


Organizational skills are fundamental in event planning. Of course, impeccable organization is critical to the venue’s layout. Building a clean, thought-out design plan ensures you can create a visually appealing event space that is easy to maneuver through.

However, organizational skills are also vital when planning other parts of the gathering, from meeting due dates on projects to ensuring the entire staff understands their roles. If you’re not keeping track of all the components pulling the big day together, plans can quickly turn for the worse.

Creative Problem-Solving

Event planning requires sharp problem-solving skills in many ways, particularly when it comes to the creative side of things. The wrong design choices can hinder an event’s look and overall feel.

For instance, poor color palette choices are among the biggest wedding design mistakes to avoid. Luckily, if you can find a brilliant color palette that fits the event’s theme perfectly, you can truly transform the venue into a welcoming, vibrant space. How the event space looks plays a critical role in how visitors feel when they’re inside.

Furthermore, creative problem-solving is invaluable to fixing venue problems, such as an ugly wall or unattractive window view. What might seem like problems at first can become the perfect groundwork for a beautiful redesign.

Clear & Communicative

Besides organization, strong communication is one of the top skills necessary for event planning with a vision. When the planner can’t correctly communicate design ideas to their team, what sounds like a great plan can become a mess. So, instead of rushing through conversations with your crew, from the catering to the people setting up chairs, spend time breaking down ideas clearly.

Plus, if something seems wrong with any component of the event, the planner should know how to get things back on track by conveying the issue to the individual behind the slipup. If you can clearly communicate with every department, their work will mix wonderfully instead of feeling disparate.

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