The sounds of summer

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A few moments after sunrise Tuesday I could hear the pounding in the distance. It sounded like a cross between drums from ancient times and muffled fire works, sort of like Roman Candle blasts.

The pounding was a strikingly different and much slower than the Red-headed Woodpecker that was drilling for insects on the side of the tall pine tree in the lower portion of our lot.
I found out that it was a crew of roofers working to beat the rains across the lake. They were pounding feverishly and working fast to get what work they could get done before the rains came.

Only a few days ago a paving crew out of Humboldt finished putting new asphalt throughout our subdivision. It was long overdue and welcome. We now have the smoothest roads.

Summer is here and construction work is under way. It is progress.

Those who are skeptical that work is being done should drive through Nashville or Jackson or many other larger cities where Interstate and Interchange work brings traffic to a standstill. The work brings inconveniences but after it is done we are able to travel much smoother.

Life is like the summer work. When we lay solid foundations and build toward the future the sailing becomes a little smoother. But the work must be put in before the rewards are reaped.

A new roof keeps us dry. It is something that needs to be done. Preventive maintenance.
The woodpecker works hard (and gets a sore beak along the way) to find its breakfast. And life has a series of bumps and hills to climb before we are able to enjoy what we work so hard to accomplish.

I like summertime. How about you?

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