The Most Dangerous Jobs in America for Risk-Takers

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When most people think of a job, a rather sedentary nine-to-five position may pop up in their heads. That’s the reality for many people in the workforce, but this isn’t the case for everyone—many careers in America are much less cushy. Here are some of the most dangerous jobs in America you can find.


Finding firefighters on this list isn’t so surprising, considering what their duties are. Risking one’s life is a guarantee as a firefighter—it comes with the territory.


Woodworking is inherently dangerous due to the heavy machinery and hands-on work. It involves many chances for injury, ranging from surface-level wounds to something potentially fatal.

Construction Workers

Working on buildings or other structures is hard work, and the elevated height only increases the chance of injury. Construction workers have a tough job that involves a lot of risk daily.


Anything wired with an electric current is potentially dangerous. For electricians, working with that dangerous component is one of the largest parts of the job. While it may seem like “routine” maintenance, electricians actually have one of the most dangerous jobs in America.


Similar to electricians, linemen work hands-on with electricity every single day. The difference is that linemen typically work along telecommunication lines, meaning they’re suspended in the air. It’s so potentially dangerous, in fact, that have to rely on sturdy fall protection equipment to stay safe.

Police Officers

As the first responders to crimes of all natures, police officers face more than their fair share of danger. They often put their lives on the line, so it makes sense that this occupation is among the most dangerous jobs in America.


When you combine the elevated height on which they work with the physical labor they perform, roofers have quite the dangerous profession. Falls are common injuries that can sometimes be fatal. Even though roofing is a common profession, it’s still a dangerous one.


A job as a logger is not for the faint of heart. The daily work involves using heavy machinery to cut down trees at close range, so it’s safe to say that logging comes with its fair share of risks. The trees themselves pose a threat, while the hand tools loggers use can exacerbate that danger.

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