The Most Common Diseases Found in Day Cares

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The best way to help children stay healthy is to be more informed about the most common diseases found in day cares. As we head into a new year, provide teachers with more cleaning supplies to help them maintain bacteria levels inside their centers.

Day Care Diseases

If you take your child to the doctor and the doctor says they have a “day care disease,” it’s important to note that these illnesses are common and mainly arise from conditions in schools and day care facilities.

  • Cold
  • RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Hand, foot, and mouth disease

These four diseases are among the most common diseases found in day cares and fall under the umbrella term “daycare diseases.” Find more information on these illnesses below:

The Common Cold

A child can catch a cold five or six times a year. The first symptoms begin with a stuffed nose, a headache, a sore throat, and congestion. However, this condition is simple to treat at home, only requiring nasal spray, fluids, and plenty of chicken noodle soup!


RSV is often diagnosed in children under two. Even though symptoms are similar to those of a cold, serious illness can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia. So if your child exhibits symptoms, take them to the doctor to get checked out.


Another bug kids catch frequently is gastroenteritis, or the stomach bug. It’s pretty easy to spot when someone has the stomach flu, as symptoms include an upset or bloated tummy and nausea. Although this illness does clear up on its own in a few days, we highly recommend keeping your little one home for an extra day to ensure the symptoms are completely gone.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

During the first few months of the school year, many young children come down with hand, foot, and mouth disease. It’s a little difficult to spot, but the first symptoms are sores in the mouth and throat and a rash on the hands, feet, or legs. Get your child to the doctor right away if a rash starts to form or if you notice blisters inside their mouth.

Prevent Illness

School officials need to implement regular health guidelines for employees and students to prevent illness in the day care facility. As you teach your little ones how to avoid nasty germs, focus on core health lessons such as handwashing. Here are additional tips you can follow to promote personal hygiene:

  • Keep children at home when they’re sick.
  • Provide cleaning supplies to their day care center.
  • Disinfect surfaces often.

As we get into the new year, rally with your school to fight the spread of illness. When we stand against infection, we provide a healthier environment for students of all ages.

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