The Most Common Causes of Foundation Issues

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The Most Common Causes of Foundation Issues

Nobody wants to deal with foundation problems, but they’re more common than you’d think. If you’re having issues and want to know why, here are four of the most common causes of home foundation woes.

Water Damage

Most foundations are made of concrete, which is a porous material that easily soaks in moisture. While a small amount of moisture won’t do any harm, a foundation that becomes overly saturated will weaken and crack.

Expanding and Shrinking Soil

The soil beneath your home naturally expands and shrinks according to its moisture content. During dry months in summer, the soil pulls away from your foundation, and in wet months, it pushes up against it. Over time, this constant pulling and pushing can result in the formation of cracks.

Soil Erosion

This is especially common if your home is located on a downward slope. When your foundation doesn’t have proper drainage, water will seep into the soil below your home and cause it to erode. This can result in voids below your foundation and, in severe cases, sinkholes.

Poor Construction

Another one of the most common causes of home foundation problems is poor installation. Different areas are made up of different kinds of soils, and contractors need to take these variations into account when building foundations. If your home was built on clay or another weak soil or on land with several kinds of soil, the soil needs to be solidified with chemical grout, or the foundation needs to be anchored by piers to avoid potential issues.

No matter the cause of your home’s foundation issues, they’ll only get worse with time. If your foundation is cracking or sinking, you need home foundation repair as soon as possible to keep your home safe and intact. A professional can help you fix existing foundation issues and offer advice on how to keep them from coming back.

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