The Dangers of Oversized Shipments

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Oversized shipments are responsible for delivering many essential items, including construction equipment, airplane parts, and thousands of other products every day. Due to the incredible size of the objects, the driver faces increased expectations. The additional requirements for these deliveries necessitate a driver with the specific skill set to navigate these extra obstacles. Here is a look at the dangers of oversized shipments.

Increased Space Requirement

The vehicles need to have the space required to allow the truck to stop on time. Failure to have this space can lead to catastrophic results. Drivers must maintain a safe distance between themselves and the safety vehicle proceeding them to ensure they don’t cause a pileup.

Clearance Concerns

It is also vital for everyone involved in each delivery to know the height restrictions in place for the vehicle. One of the most essential tips for shipping oversized loads is to ensure the travel escort is aware of the truck’s dimensions. It’s imperative for the truck not to get stuck under a bridge, which will cause travel lanes to shut down and even damages products in the truck.

Increased Risk of Crash

The larger vehicles involved with oversized shipments increase the dangers of oversized shipments. The increased size means more area to consider when making a driving maneuver such as turning or changing lanes. There are also additional concerns due to certain types of accidents being more likely.


A jackknife crash occurs when the front of the vehicle comes to a stop while the back continues to move. This can cause the back end of the trailer to swing out, endangering others. It remains crucial for the driver to stay focused while breaking to prevent the vehicle’s rear from swinging into traffic.

Tire Blowout

One of the methods for measuring an oversized load is through the weight of the freight. This additional strain can cause tires to blow out suddenly while driving. If the blowout is big enough, it could lead to a complete loss of control. A pre-trip inspection of the tires may be enough to prevent one of these accidents.

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