September 28, 2022

The Consequences of Not Driving Defensively

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Driving is an inherently dangerous activity. Every time someone steps foot into their vehicle, they accept the inherent risks associated with driving it. Even so, there are many things that you can do to stay safe on the road. But when someone doesn’t execute these actions, problems can arise. Here are the most critical consequences of not driving defensively.

Higher Risk of Accidents

A defensive driver always pays attention to their surroundings to predict and avoid accidents. With driving, things can happen too fast for you to react to adequately. This can lead to huge accidents and vehicle damage. If you don’t practice defensive driving, you directly increase your chances of getting into an accident.

More Chances of Tickets

If you don’t drive defensively, your chances of getting a ticket become a lot higher. The relationship is simple—If you don’t drive safely while on populated roads, it may become more likely that you’ll receive a ticket. This can lead to many other consequences, such as fines, mandatory traffic school classes, or even higher insurance rates.

Potentially Higher Insurance Rates

With unsafe driving comes higher rates of traffic fines. These traffic fines translate into higher insurance premiums as the insurance companies start to see you as a risk. This can result in a vicious cycle of your insurance premiums going up in response to getting a ticket, only for them to go up again on your next ticket.

While the consequences of not defensively driving can be severe, the solution to avoiding all of this trouble is simply driving safely and responsibly. Only through this method can you avoid these consequences and have the peace of mind that you are a safe and responsible driver. So, learn the behaviors necessary to prevent accidents as much as possible and practice them until they become habits.

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