The Best STEM Activities for Kids

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STEM—which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—is becoming increasingly popular amongst boys and girls today. Many young people want to become doctors, researchers, engineers, and mathematicians, or work with these subjects in a variety of branching fields. Any parent knows these subjects require tedious study and discipline, which is why parenting a child interested in these classes can be tough. That’s why some of the best STEM activities for kids will help put your child on the right path and give you some peace of mind along the way.


Reading is one of the best activities for stimulating the brain. With many different genres and subgenres to choose from, you can find something for your child to study, learn, or enjoy. Encourage them to learn from scientific textbooks or journals to enhance their knowledge on a subject, or consider a biography for some fun learning. Fiction is great for cultivating imagination and creativity. Regardless of what you choose, reading increases cognitive function and memory retention, which can help your child perform better on tests and retain more information.

Brain Teasers

Another great STEM activity for kids is brain teasers. Brain teasers and puzzles are excellent for critical thinking and problem-solving. Whether it’s a word search, jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku, Solitaire, or any other independent activity, your child will have fun solving these cognitive problems. Consider hands-on brain teasers, too. For example, items like lock picking sets, sewing kits, woodworking kits, or other crafts qualify as brain-stimulating activities because your child uses their brain to control their mental and physical processes, to achieve a desired result. Specifically, beginner lock pick sets require your little ones to engage their full frontal lobe and cerebellum for motor control, as well as their prefrontal cortex for calmness and logic.


Finally, get them outside with some light exercise. Children who are fascinated with STEM fields know that it involves lots of indoor learning. As such, your child might not get much exercise or outside attention. If that’s the case, take them hiking. Outdoor hikes expose your children to nature and let them get much-needed vitamin D from the sun. Otherwise, consider alternative outdoor exercises your child can enjoy. Riding a bike, playing sports, fishing, or swimming are all great alternatives.

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