The Best Plants for Maximizing Privacy

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Homeowners seeking privacy for their yard can find a wide range of fencing on the market, whether it’s a classic white picket fence or an aluminum one. However, not all homeowners find these fences suitable. If you’re seeking a fence that is long-lasting, visually appealing, and offers various design options, consider natural fencing. If you’re new to the subject of natural fencing, use this guide to discover the best plants for maximizing privacy on your property.


This evergreen shrub is very common among residential homes thanks to the beauty and privacy they provide. Although they can become quite large, arborvitae is a low-maintenance and relatively inexpensive plant. All of these factors make it a popular choice for residential homes, but one of the defining benefits is that, since arborvitae is an evergreen shrub, its bushy green leaves remain intact throughout the year. In other words, they can provide you with effective privacy all year round.


Bamboo provides your property with a unique look and a strong form of natural fencing. As beautiful as bamboo is, if you choose the wrong type, it can become very invasive, very quickly. Make sure to choose a clumping bamboo instead of the type that utilizes runners to expand and grow. One of the benefits of bamboo is that it’s an ornamental grass. When it comes to how they benefit residential homes, ornamental grasses are incredibly versatile. Aside from a natural form of fencing, some ornamental grasses can make a stunning accent to any garden art you have, while others are better at simply providing your garden with a unique texture or ground cover.


Just like arborvitae, boxwood is an evergreen shrub, so it will provide you with privacy throughout the year. Over time, some boxwood can become quite tall, but if you want to keep them smaller for design purposes, you can trim them. To give them a height boost to maximize privacy simultaneously, you can take advantage of large planters, pots, or other compatible containers. This also means that if you want your boxwoods to provide you with privacy as soon as possible, instead of waiting for them to grow tall, you can give them an extra boost with some stylish containers.

Now that you’re more familiar with three of the best plants for maximizing privacy, you’re ready to introduce one or more of them into your yard. Even if you don’t find any of these plant choices suitable, there is a wide variety of other plants that make incredible natural fences. Once you find a plant for natural fencing that suits your taste, you’ll be ready to simultaneously give your property a unique visual appeal and a strong sense of security.

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