The Best Places To Road Trip With Your Parents

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Right now, everyone is thinking about the places they want to go once traveling is an option again. Not only that but the people that they want to spend time with the most, such as parents or other close family members, as well. Give yourself and your parents something to look forward to by planning a road trip with them!

Road trips can be flexible depending on how you plan them, meaning that if there are any delays due to travel restrictions, you can easily reschedule the trip. The best places to road trip with your parents all offer socially distant fun and plenty of sights to behold.

Take Your Parents To the Beach

One of the most popular destinations for a socially distant vacation is a rental beach house. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a beach home in Tennessee, you can make the trek down to the Gulf Coast for beautiful, white sand beaches with coastal homes to match. Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle make up the most popular destinations for beach house rentals and vacations.

In less than nine hours of a drive, you can visit miles of beaches and watch dolphins all from the comfort of your beach house. Take your parents to a winery or just enjoy the warmer temperatures and sights of the Gulf Coast—reward yourselves with a staycation after a difficult, stressful year.

Explore the Deep History of Texas

Texas has not just one, but four major cities for you and your parents to visit. It’s an excellent state for road trip fanatics to visit due to its fairly flat roads and multiple cities which offer stops that you can stay at for a day or more. There are plenty of activities to do in Texas, even if one of your parents use wheelchairs or other mobility assistants. End your first long day in Dallas and make the circuit around Austin, San Antonio, and Houston before coming back home.

With so many restaurants, breweries, and attractions to visit, you may want to hold off on a Texas road trip until it’s safe—whenever your trip is, it will be an unforgettable experience with your family.

Follow the Mississippi!

While the Mississippi River isn’t the prettiest river in the world, the areas that she gives life to offer plenty of views that make up a magnificent drive. A road trip up the Mississippi River and make pit stops at cities like our state’s very own Memphis, St. Louis, the Quad Cities, and Dubuque. While the cities up the river aren’t the most well-known destinations, due to the magnificence of the Mississippi River and their deep histories, they are some of the best places to road trip with your parents. Go as far as you’d like or even follow the river down south—either direction will offer lush, memorable views and a glimpse of the famous American river’s power.

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