The Best Animals to Raise for New Farmers

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While it’s not a profession many people seek out, farming is still one of the most important jobs anyone can do today. After all, people need food, especially in a growing society like the US. Still, whether they specialize in animal products, crops, or agritourism, there are many ways new farmers can stay profitable. If you want to care for livestock, you should know the best animals to raise for new farmers. Many of these are low maintenance, low cost, and profitable for long-term success.


Beef and dairy cattle are some of the most popular, money-making livestock to have on farms. They’re responsive to your care and will produce quality products in no time. While large, they’re relatively low maintenance. Feed is cheap, and they only require basic care and roaming ground. Be sure your farm has adequate acreage to handle these beasts, though. Purchase all the necessary tools to milk your dairy cattle. If you’re uncomfortable slaughtering beef cattle, just raise them. Take them to a slaughterhouse when you want to prepare beef.


Horses are another beneficial type of animal to have. They’re reliable, caring, and great for attracting agritourists to your farm. Think of horses as large pets. Whether you’re raising working horses or equestrians for sport, there are many considerations to know when starting. First, you must have the right shelter. Horses need roaming space to run, jump, and exercise. For example, consider building your own stables out of plastic lumber or other construction materials that will last a long time without needing too much maintenance. Also, obtain feed, supplements, medicine, brushes, and other horse care. It’s crucial to groom these animals to prevent diseases and keep pests away.


While they may seem dirty, pigs are self-sufficient animals. That’s what makes them some of the best animals to raise for new farmers. Unlike other farm animals that have specific dietary needs, pigs eat almost anything. That makes feeding and caring for them simple. Furthermore, you don’t need to clean them. Pigs clean themselves. While popular belief may state that pigs are dirty because they roll in mud or dirt, that’s actually their way of cooling themselves off. If you keep them in a cool, covered area, they’ll keep themselves clean.


Finally, there are good reasons that chickens are the go-to animals for almost every farmer. Poultry and eggs are some of the most consumed foods in the nation. Therefore, chickens are highly profitable. With the growing trend of farm-raised, humanely sourced foods today, consider free-roam and grass-fed chickens to sell poultry products for a higher profit. Chickens also don’t require as much space as larger animals do. Coops take a small square space, and roaming areas can be as large as you want. Just be sure to fence your chickens to keep away predators.

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