The Benefits of Starting Composting at Home

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The Benefits of Starting Composting at Home

Composting is a great habit to get into for a variety of reasons. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of starting a composting pile at home, keep reading to learn how composting benefits homeowners and the environment alike.

Reduce the Waste Your Home Produces

Starting off strong, one of the biggest benefits of composting at home is the impact that composting can have on your carbon footprint. Your waste management provider must haul away the items that we throw away and bring our refuse to a landfill. The less trash that ends up in landfills producing methane gas, the better. Composting helps reduce the amount of food scraps and other waste that end up in your trash (and the landfills). Keeping these smelly food scraps out of your trash can even help your bins smell better, which means fewer trash runs for you.

Create Your Own Fertilizer

Once you separate your food, paper, and other compostable scraps, you can create your very own compost pile with these leftovers. After a couple of weeks, you’ll notice your compost pile starting to break down and form rich fertilizer that you can use throughout your yard. Use composted fertilizer in potted plants, gardens, or flower boxes. Creating your own fertilizer reduces the need for chemical fertilizers that can damage your yard and the surrounding wildlife.

Enriches Soil Naturally

Compost materials create enriching soil that helps plants retain moisture and prevents diseases. Composted materials also add nutrients to the soil, which your plants will absorb and use to flourish. You’ll notice improvements in your plants even if you don’t usually consider yourself a “green thumb.”

Composting has many benefits on both the small and large scale. Practicing composting in your home is a fantastic way to contribute to sustainable practices, and you even get smaller benefits out of it in the form of enriching soil and fertilizer. The next time you have compostable food scraps, remember these benefits of starting composting at home.

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